Australian Whisky Review: Heartwood Convict Redemption 1

1 min readSep 6, 2020

I doubt I will ever get a stab at this again.

Heartwood Convict Redemption 1 / 72.5% ABV / Sample

Tasted neat, then with bottled mineral water, then with more water

Thanks /u/UncleTobys for this sample from 2014 which I have hoarded across continents. This was aged and bottled by the madlads at Heartwood Australia, distilled at Tasmania distillery:

The Convict - Convict Redemption (Batch 1)
Bottle Size: 500ml
Alcohol Content: 72.5%
Age: 12 years - Australian Port Cask
Distilled May 2001 - Bottled Aug 2013
  • Color: mahogany (1.6)
  • Nose: stewed figs, tobacco, pipe smoke, plaster, burnt brisket; brown sugar and vanilla
  • Taste: Ash, burnt bacon, late-harvest port mixed with cigar butts; roast corn on the cob, molasses
  • Finish: long, toasted rice crackers, port sweetness, and ash

This is a pretty insane 12 year old, rich and thick with layers of flavours. As far as World whiskey goes, I continue to be impressed with Omar (Nantou) in Taiwan, Paul John & Amrut in India, but Australia is a bit new to me — and so much of the domestic product doesn’t make it overseas, so I’m very pleased to have had a chance to try this one!

Rating: 93/100




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