Gaiaflow x Hiroko Williams concert!

Many thanks to Gaiaflow (famous whisky importer, retail site, and owners of Shizuoka Distillery) for their recent ウィリアムス浩子コンサートのペアチケットをプレゼント! (Hiroko Williams concert) event, to which I won a random lottery couples pair ticket!

Also featured was Mayo Okamoto of the famous song Alone fame and the extremely talented Hiroko Kokubu on piano.

It was an extremely lovely night, and my wife and I both had a great time!

Today’s Live: Hiroko Williams

I believe that Hiroko Williams’ latest projects can be found @ if you want to check her out.

We did have something to eat and drink, but unfortunately no Shizuoka or Blackadder whisky ;)

Heineken on tap, and a glass of white

The food at ePlus Living Room Cafe is actually more delicious than I expected, the grilled steak had a lovely crust.

Steak and rice / cheese plate

A bonus photo of the venue, it has nice decor and some decent art:

Art and slightly censored wife

At the end, is is customary for these types of gigs, the cast pose for a photo.

The gang

I don’t usually have a chance to listen to live music in intimate venues, so this was a really unexpected pleasure. If I can make it out to Shizuoka I will have to thank the Gaiaflow team in person for putting this together!

(no disclaimer: they did not ask me to write this, but they did gift me free premium tickets for nothing in return, which I think is awesome)



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