Indian Whisky Review: Amrut Portonova Batch 02, April 2022

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We took a look at an older batch, but now Portonova has gone through a rebranding with new cartons and labels — how does it taste?

The box is now slightly excessive, in my opinion. But it does seems more “premium.”

Amrut Portonova Batch 02, Apr. 2022 / 62.1% ABV

Tasted neat / with a splash of bottled mineral bottle

This Amrut Portonova is the same recipe as a previous one I reviewed, but it’s gone through a packaging refresh and the batch numbers have reset. This one is made in April 2022, batch №2.

Portonova is a NAS/cask-strength whisky distilled in Bengaluru, India, and matured in ex-bourbon American oak and port pipes.

The back box description of the whisky and its heritage has been shortened and generified:

The name Portonova is derived from a historic town on the east coast of India,
once colonized by the Portuguese. Exotic in nature and exquisite in taste,
Amrut Portonova is an all oak masterstroke that has transited through
Ex-Bourbon, Port Pipe and again Ex-Bourbon casks. Incidentally, Port Pipes
are imported from Portugal. Amrut Portonova is a subtle melange of cocoa,
juicy fruits and berries. Perfect for any occasion.

I am not loving “all oak masterstroke”, and the loss of some interesting information is a bit sad. See the previous review for former text.

  • Color: brown sherry (1.9)
  • Nose: hair spray, dark chocolate, candied orange; a very subtle hint of pomegranate
  • Taste: stewed berries, more chocolate, some brandy, ginger; rich sweet port
  • Finish: long, leathery sofas in a cigar room, ash; cola

Amazingly, this batch of the already cola-coloured Portonova has actually come out a bit darker! I think there’s a little more of the port influence here, it’s rich, syrupy, and sweet. Because it spends so much time marrying in ex-bourbon oak, it’s not exactly a port-bomb, but this batch is quite decent.

Rating: 6/10




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