Japanese Whiskey Review: Kirin 50° “At the Foot of Mt. Fuji”

1 min readNov 3, 2022

Editor’s Note: this review is an archived review written in June, 2017 and does not use the scoring system currently in place.

Silky smoothness and spreading aroma, the gift from Mt. Fuji

Kirin 50° “At the Foot of Mt. Fuji” / 50% / $12

Tasted with a splash of Tokyo filtered tapwater

This is a NAS blend from Kirin, produced around Mt. Fuji, sold widely in Japan but which for some reason is selling for $120 or more abroad.


Their newer bottle is identical to mine, but has “non-chill filtered” added. Mine is definitely chill-filtered. This is ex-bourbon matured mostly grain whisky.

  • Color: dark caramel
  • Nose: alcohol, caramel, maybe vanilla?
  • Taste: hot, woody, stewed blackberry, a hint of spice
  • Finish: short, sugary

I think this is more of a mixer whisky (which is great for the Japanese market) to make a nice whisky soda (ハイボール) than a sipping whisky. It’s not really good at all, but it is only $12 right now, sold by Amazon JP.

That said, it’s very hot, young, grain whisky. To the point where it’s much more offensive than other cheap blends.

Rating: 36/100




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