Whisky Review: Braeval 1991 Brachadair 21 Year

2 min readDec 12, 2020

This is a bit of an odd combination today; we have an IB Braeval from a relatively small Belgian producer Brachadair which has put out just 14 releases so far since its inception in 2012.

Braeval 1991 Brachadair 21 Year / 53.1% ABV

Tasted neat, then with some mineral water

This Braeval was matured in ex-bourbon barrel #95120 for 21 years, distilled in 08–1991 and bottled 02–2013. This is a bottle 140 of 230, bottled at cask strength, with no chill-filtering.

The producer notes:

I call this our ‘two-faced’ Speyside : beautifully complex and the palate delivering something you didn’t quite expect from the nose. Where the smell prepares you for something very sweet, the spiciness comes as a pleasant surprise. However, after the pepper, the sweetness and a little bit of wood add to the complexity of this little known, and underestimated, but nevertheless sublime malt.

Color: White gold
Nose: Sweet and waxy, dried grass, coconut milk, ginger and white pepper, lime zest. Oak and vanilla.
Palate: Slightly waxy mouthfeel but spicyness coming through quickly and very strong. Fruit, coconut. Long finish with hints of woodsmoke.
  • Color: amontillado sherry (0.9)
  • Nose: oak, sour lemons, paraffin, thyme; hay bales and green apple
  • Taste: oily, cream, candlewax, vanilla, and oak; sawdust and coconut
  • Finish: long, sweet custard

The first point of praise is the cork; although this bottle is 7 years old, it’s not dried out at all. Quality. It is very approachable straight, without any water, but with a small drop it opens up a little bit more. I would honestly recommend no water with this one.

This is an excellent Speyside ex-bourbon 21 year, it’s light, slightly fruity, and very creamy.

Rating: 90/100




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