Review: Old Johnnie Walker Blue bottle — 1990s

Johnnie Walker Blue Label / 43% / $90

This is a 1990s bottle of JWB, number N32353 that I picked up secondhand in Japan. It was all in original packaging including the weird pewter pull-tab and rotting cork. I had to strain it through a tea-filter!

  • Color: e150a
  • Nose: it’s all green apples on the nose, with a bit of toluene
  • Taste: stale salt crackers, warm bread, apples and peaches, some oak and leather
  • Finish: long, with some mixed berries

This is a pretty mediocre blend / blast from the past, and it really reinforces my opinion that Diageo will sell whatever the market can bear. I was hoping a now ~30 years older version of JWB would be interesting, but it’s one-dimensional and boring. It’s not even smooth.

Rating: 62/100



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Personal interests in literature, SF, and whisky/whiskey/scotch, Software Engineer by Trade