Scotch Review: Assorted Cask Samples: IV

Assorted Cask Samples: IV / CS / Free

(1) No good at all; ruinous; unsalvageable 
(2) Bad, but maybe it just needs more time
(3) OK; could be fine with a few more years
(4) Good; nice stuff, you could bottle it now, or give it a bit more time
(5) Perfect; why is this still in the cask??

Renegade Rum: Old Bacolet 50%

Aber Falls: Welsh Whisky 40%

Speyside Distillery Tenne / Tawny Port ~60%

Bunnahabhain 10 Year Sherry Butt / ~60%

Speyside Distillery 8 Year, ex-Bourbon Hogshead / ~60%

Anonymous Irish Pot Still / 3 Years / ~60%

Mackmyra 10 year / ~50%



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Personal interests in literature, SF, and whisky/whiskey/scotch, Software Engineer by Trade