Scotch Whiskey Review: Loch Lomond 1996 Cadenhead 21

1 min readDec 31, 2020

Loch Lomond is an “independent” conglomerate of Loch Lomond, Glen Scotia, and Littlemill, recently snapped up by an Asian investment fund. This Loch Lomond is one of the now-discontinued Cadenhead Small Batch release, a vatting of 2 ex-bourbon barrels.

Loch Lomond 1996 Cadenhead 21 / 51.5%

Tasted neat and with a bit of bottled water

Distilled in 1996, and bottled 2018, we have an impressive 450 bottles at cask strength.

  • Color: deep gold (0.8)
  • Nose: honey, black pepper, a little peat, pear jam, vanilla; heather
  • Taste: shortbread, tropical fruits, oily pineapple; asian white pear
  • Finish: long and custardy, a hint of oakiness

Inchmurrin this is (for a little blog on the various Loch Lomond styles on offer, check this out). It’s quite a refreshing, fruity, and light style of whisky, with the perfect hint of peat. This at cask strength is gorgeous!

Rating: 89/100




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