Scotch Whisky Review: A Pair of 11 Year Old Ardmore

The lineup, tasted in order of age, colour as a tie-breaker — not quite as pictured

Ardmore 2009 Watt Whisky 11 Year Old / 52% ABV

Tasted neat

  • Nose: squeezed lemons, clean peat smoke, petrichor, a little honey, and heather
  • Taste: richly oily and thick; lemon meringue, green grapeskin, some melon, and graham crackers
  • Finish: warming and long, mostly icing sugar, the slightest hint of oakiness, and citrus

Ardmore 2010 BlackAdder Raw Cask 11 Year Old / 60.1% ABV

Tasted neat, then with a little mineral water

  • Nose: lemon zest, ethanol, tropical fruits, parfume, hints of peat; smoked candied lemon, sea spray
  • Taste: minerality, sharp bright pear, peat, straw; cream cake, guava
  • Finish: medium-long, a little tart; with water, sweet oakiness



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Personal interests in literature, SF, and whisky/whiskey/scotch, Software Engineer by Trade