Scotch Whisky Review: Glenfarclas 12 Cask Strength — Batch 4

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Relatively affordable ✔️ Cask Strength ✔️ Age Statement ✔️ Sherry ✔️

Glenfarclas 12 Cask Strength — Batch 4

Glenfarclas 12 Cask Strength (Batch 4) / 57.6% ABV / ¥11,200 (~$100)

Tasted neat / with some bottled mineral water

This is the fourth installment of Glenfarclas’s Japan Exclusive 12 Year Old Cask Strength release; this year the packaging has been revamped to include a more glorious blue and gold motif on the label.

All we know is that it’s 12 years old, cask strength, and we can guess probably not coloured or chill-filtered.

  • Color: tawny (1.4)
  • Nose: dark rum, turpentine, pine needles, salt caramel, sliced apples, sherry; a little floral notes
  • Taste: brown sugar, beef jerky, oloroso sherry, and lemon; minerality, pineapple, green apple
  • Finish: long, sweetness, a little black pepper, and oak; campfire smoke

While whisky has gotten more expensive, this is still a relatively affordable competitor in the young sherried category (Macallan 12 Sherry Oak is ¥12,950) and I think Glenfarclas has done a good job putting together a cask-strength option at this price point. Really only Arran Sherry Cask, which is NAS but delicious, punches close at ¥9,750.

There’s a lot more complexity than you’ll get from most of its competitors, and some lovely fruity/floral notes in this batch. The downside is that these releases are Japan-exclusive (why?!) and limited, they will and do regularly sell out until the next batch arrives.

If you live in Japan, this is still relatively available to purchase. Mukawa has 6 bottles at regular price and 1 bottle with a defective label 10% off.

Rating: 6/10




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