The Weirdest DNS in Japan

There’s a very interesting new site for renewing your Japan visa / status of residence online, available at which looks a bit like this:


You may notice a funny line there which reads:


Or in English:

[About the email address used for user registration, etc.]

We have received inquiries about not receiving notification emails during user registration for individuals such as foreigners, lawyers, and administrative scriveners, which started on March 16, 4th (Wednesday)...

Since this system restricts access to overseas IP addresses, if you register a free email address such as Gmail or Hotmail that may go through an overseas server when you register as a user, you will receive a notification email. It may not be there.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but please register as a user using the email address of your provider.

In addition, there may be cases where the user’s mail settings are set to reject reception, so please set so that the domain of “@” can be received.

So, let’s see how this domain name resolves using DNS from a foreign computer, which we can do using dig +trace:

Well would you look at that! Google DNS traces a cache-miss, through root -> sub -> local, finally asking, the Ministry of Justice Nameserver in Japan for an IP, which says “NO”.

However, running dig locally in Japan we get a rather different answer from OCN’s nameservers:

So, we’ve learned two things about this interesting bespoke mechanism to secure the website to Japan-only:

  • They’ve set the TTL of the A record to 0 to indicate that it shouldn’t be cached (ie, every resolution request will have to go through their DNS server)
  • Their DNS server tries to avoid giving out an IP address to overseas DNS queries using some secret method

One side effect is that if they’re using that domain for mail, as they note in their warning above, it won’t be able to be delivered to overseas MTAs.

What an interesting little “great firewall” style DNS hack.



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