Tokyo Plum Blossoms (Ume Flowers / 梅開花)

A sample box of some Japanese varieties of Ume / Plum trees

Shiba Park / 芝公園 — February 13th, 2021

First, on 2/13 I briefly stopped by Shiba Park, where a grove of plum trees entertained sparse crowds, but you could smell the flowers in the air:

Ikegami Plum Garden (池上梅園) — February 21st, 2021

With many public parks closed to COVID-19 measures, I was looking for an outdoors park (lower risk) within biking distance, and I found Ikegami Plum Garden, a series of trees planted against a hillside slope that looked quite nice. The entry fee was ¥100, or about $1 USD.

A map of Ikegami Plum Garden grounds
The view from the bottom of the park
The view from the top of the stairs
Japanese tea house and koi pond
Views at the top
Ume blossoms with bokeh
On the way out

More Ume/Plum Blossom Spots Around Tokyo

If you’re interested in some popular Ume/Plum blossom spots around Tokyo, please check out this Google Maps list I’ve made:



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