Whiskey Review: Benrinnes 2009 James Eadie 11 Year Old

2 min readApr 3, 2021

This Benrinnes is a bit of a strange one….

Benrinnes 2009 James Eadie 11 / 56.1% / £90

Tasted neat, with a bit of mineral water

Here’s the bottle label:

  • Bottle 133/338, cask №354550
  • Distilled 08/06/2009 and bottled 2020
  • Matured in European Oak
  • Finished in a first-fill PX hogshead for 7 months

This now looks like cola from a very very wet PX finish; I also had the somewhat fragile/dry cork break on me!

  • Color: old oak (1.8)
  • Nose: dunnage warehouse, sherry, cinnamon, heather; malty cereal
  • Taste: malty, estery sherry bomb, pink bubble gum, cola; hot pears, star anise, and pine
  • Finish: long, sweet finish, sweet BBQ sauce

This is a really good example of a young hot Benrinnes that you want to make a sherry bomb so you stick in a wet PX finish for 7 months and turn out a cola-whiskey that doesn’t have a lot of depth or complexity, but looks quite dark.

Rating: 72/100




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