Whiskey Review: Daftmill 2007 Winter Batch Release

1 min readSep 15, 2020

I quite liked the previous, slightly younger 2008 release Daftmill (see https://medium.com/@elliottback/whisky-reviews-ben-nevis-imperial-daftmill-6e7c48c983d9) and I’ve been a fan ever since, so I’m quite excited to review this one for you today.

Daftmill 2007 Winter Batch Release (non UK) / 46% ABV / $170

Tasted neat

Back with the 2007 -> 2020 Asia Batch Daftmill, we’ve hit 12 years od age, in a limited run of 1685 bottles, but surprisingly still in heavy stock at retailers all over Japan! Is the small-batch farm distillery getting better with age? Let’s find out.

  • Color: yellow gold (0.55)
  • Nose: caramels, mixed nuts, custard, grape must; cotton candy
  • Taste: creamy oak and walnuts, nutmeg, vanilla, chocolate malt balls, and a little orange peel
  • Finish: long, sweet, and a bit floral

Absolutely delightful, it’s an improvement on the previous batch I had (which itself was great); it’s a little less nutty, and a bit oakier and creamier. Extremely quaffable; I’ll have to pick up a few more.

Rating: 92/100




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