Whiskey Review: Dalmore Cigar Malt

My cask broker keeps telling me that Dalmore sells and I believe him, but ever since I’ve tried the core 12/18 range, I’ve not been a fan of it at all, so I’ve thrown in this sample in another, more exciting, Master of Malt order.

Dalmore Cigar Malt / 44% ABV / £7 30ml sample

It is a NAS single malt discontinued in 2009 and replaced by The Cigar Malt Reserve. I am slightly confused by this sample, because it is supposed to be the original Cigar Malt, but that was 40% and this sample bottle is labeled at 44%.

  • Color: e150a

Closest thing for me to this is Grand Marnier, it has nothing about I like in any way. It’s most vile. I wish I hadn’t drank it.

This is the perfect gift for someone you hate and want to never appreciate good whiskey.

Rating: -50/100

Edit: it’s actually given me a headache



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