Whiskey Review: Springbank 15

1 min readMay 12, 2020

In which I find out (again) I don’t like Springbank that much.

Springbank 15 / 46% / $110

Tasted neat

This is the classic Springbank 15 for the Japan market (dedicated label!), batch code 25.11.19 19/456. I believe it is a blend of ex-Bourbon/Sherry casks, but few details are on offer…

Like a storm gathering off the Kintyre coast, our 15-year-old 
Springbank is dark and ominous, yet delicious. Best enjoyed
after dinner or with your favourite cigar, this is a true classic.
  • Color: tawny (1.55)
  • Nose: peatier than I remember Springbank to be, butterscotch, nut brittle, winter spiced wine, star anise
  • Taste: dirty and muddled peatiness, a little chocolate, pork cracklings, some kind of briney/fishy flavour; bubblegum
  • Finish: medium, underwhelming and a hint of butyric acid

This has got quite the funk; I’m not a fan at all. It’s slightly drinkable for me, I would most likely not buy it again. Is it true that there is often a lot of batch variation in Springbank? I’ve included the batch code above just in case.

Rating: 61/100




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