Whiskey Review: The Whiskey Trail 38 Year Blended Malt

Nov 8, 2020


The Whiskey Trail 38 Year Blended Malt / 45.9% / ~$250

Tasted neat

This blended malt was distilled in 1980 (before I existed) and was bottled in 2019 from Sherry Butt #18 to yield a whopping 528 bottles. I picked it up because I couldn’t pass up a blend older than I am.

  • Color: old oak (1.8)
  • Nose: soft, buttery sherry, vanilla, linseed oil, and pipe smoke
  • Taste: layered sherry, beer jerky, tannins, stewed berries, and mint
  • Finish: medium; sweetness and some oak

This is something I picked up for a lark, and it’s probably a pretty good age-to-value proposition. You definitely feel the age on the cask, it’s intensely woody, super-aged cognac hints of french oak and mint.

Rating: 90/100




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