Whiskey Review: Two Very Different Benrinnes

1988 SMWS 36.54 vs 2000 Cadenhead Small Batch 18 Yr
  • Nose: sherry, nutmeg, carrot cake, black licorice, orange peel
  • Taste: a bit of oakiness, rich sweet sherry, vanilla, leather, pizza crust
  • Finish: long, pipe tobacco and honey
  • Bottled in 2019
  • 4 x Bourbon Barrels
  • 618 Bottles
Nose: Sweet honey with earthy overtunes.  Orange peel with dunnage warehouse and some creamier coconut notes.Palate: Thick and chewy - orange and lemon zest.  Praline, some fizzy sherbet and then milk chocolate, toffee and cardamon.Finish: Faint spice, lemongrass and slightly autumnal.  Some red berries, honeycomb and quite buttery and waxy.
  • Nose: lemon meringue pie, chalk, cut grass, marshmallow
  • Taste: thick and oily, smoked mackerel, malt, slightly-soured milk, salt
  • Finish: long, sandalwood and synthetic orange perfume



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Personal interests in literature, SF, and whisky/whiskey/scotch, Software Engineer by Trade