Whisky Review: Aberfeldy 16

Sep 20, 2021


Aberfeldy 16 (Batch 2918) / 40%

Tasted neat

This is batch 2918, an OB Aberfeldy aged for 16 years in casks, and then given a Madeira finish.

  • Color: russet (1.3), almost certainly coloured
  • Nose: varnish, green grapes, some banana bread, caramel, and marshmallow
  • Taste: thin, sweet, and grainy; rum raisin and toffee
  • Finish: very short, burnt sugar

I don’t feel much of an improvement over the 12 years here — perhaps it’s sweeter, and a little maltier — but it’s really held back by bottling at 40%. You could get an equivalent experience sucking on a Wether’s Original gum-drop slow-aged in your grandfather’s coat pocket for the last year.

Rating: 74/100




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