Whisky Review: Aberlour 12 Non-Chill Filtered

Jun 1, 2021

No longer produced, this was a fine dram.

Aberlour 12 Non-Chill Filtered / 48% ABV

Tasted neat

The revered non-chill filtered (NCF) version of Aberlour 12, this will be a richer, creamier version of our favourite Speysider.

  • Color: auburn
  • Nose: oak and sherry, vanilla, pastry crust, currants, blackberry
  • Taste: cigar tobacco, cookies and cream, indistinguishable fruits (plum, perhaps?)
  • Finish: tannins, lemonade, greasy leather, barbeque

I remember drinking Aberlour 12 and thinking it was nice, and better than Macallan at the same age, but nothing to write home about. Aberlour 12 NCF is the deluxe version, and it’s solid. If you want an affordable sherried dram that won’t let you down, this is probably the one.

Rating: 87/100




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