Whisky Review: Benriach 1994 Tawny Port 20 Year Old

Mar 26, 2022

Benriach 1994 Tawny Port 20 Year Old / 55.6% ABV

Tasted neat

This single-cask #1703 Benriach was aged 20 years from a Tawny Port Hogshead, with some amount of additional Tawny Port Finish. It was distilled in 1994, and bottled July 2014; this is bottle #76 of 276.

The label notes suggest:

Gentle red cherries with a crisp citrus kick mellow to toasted red apples and toasted spices.
  • Color: mahogany (1.6)
  • Nose: dunnage warehouse, cracked leather, cigar smoke, and stewed fruits
  • Taste: maraschino cherries, fruits (sliced pear, baked apple), oily strawberries, and pink bubble gum
  • Finish: long, maple syrup and sweet wine

This is the second single-cask Benriach I’ve tried, and it’s good — but it’s also missing additional complexity that would set me a point higher.

Rating: 5/10




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