Whisky Review: Bunnahabhain 2007 12yr Palo Cortado

Bunnahabhain 2007 12yr Palo Cortado / 55.1%

Tasted neat, then with mineral water

Another Bunnahabhain Palo Cortado vintage, straight from Warehouse 9. 12 years old, from cask number 18, this is a nice 55.1% and hopefully an excellent companion to the other vintages I’ve been enjoying this last year.

  • Color: mahogany (1.6)
  • Nose: spice, sandalwood, citrus, dark rum, oak; yeasty bread and chocolate
  • Taste: raisins, dry sherry, wax, vanilla; with water, pine oil, creosote, and malt
  • Finish: more spice, medium icing sugar; toffee

This is a lovely dram, but it’s not quite as brashly complex as some of the other Palo Cortado matured Bunnies I’ve had the pleasure to try.

Rating: 6/10



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