Whisky Review: Glenfarclas 25 for TWE

Glenfarclas 25 for The Whisky Exchange / 50.5% / £125

Tasted neat

This 25 year old Glenfarclas was bottled specially for retailer The Whisky Exchange, and is still in stock!

Besides being “matured in oloroso sherry casks for a quarter of a century” and seemingly cask-strength / NCF / natural colour, we know nothing except the tasting notes, which read:

Nose of leather, espresso and dried mango
Rich and sherried with fruitcake, walnut oil, cocoa beans and pine wood
Tbacco and cumin lingers, rounded off with orange peel. Sophisticated.
  • Color: chesnut (1.2)
  • Nose: sherry, candied ginger, musty fall leaves, cracked leather
  • Taste: sweet pine sap, christmas cake, vanilla, cinnamon buns, five-spice
  • Finish: medium, somewhat cloying; honey and lavender

This is a nicely vatted 25 year old Glenfarclas; stately, not overly sherried, and delicious. It avoids many of the problems that plague the inconsistent CS 105 and in many ways reminds of the slightly better Japan-exlusive 21 CS.

Rating: 87/100



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