Whisky Review: Glenlivet 13 Year Taiwan Exclusive Oloroso Sherry Cask

Apr 29, 2021

Glenlivet 13 Year Taiwan Exclusive Oloroso Sherry Cask / 40%

Tasted neat

This is a fairly dark looking Glenlivet Taiwan exclusive done up in “rare oloroso” sherry casks, and bottled at the bare minimum 40% ABV, surely chill-filtered. It may even be coloured! The batch code on the back is 2019/09/10 14:45 LPCN 1281.

  • Color: old oak (1.8)
  • Nose: underneath dunnage funk and rich sherry; bubblegum, caramel, and blackberries
  • Taste: pine, dry and somewhat thin sherry, vanilla cream, and fudge
  • Finish: medium; wild cherries and coffee

This has all the promise of a truly knockout dram, but it’s crippled by the low ABV. If you can find it for a reasonable price, by all means, it is a nice slow sipper. But, you’ll be disappointed with the ghosts of flavours more obvious in higher-proof offerings.

Rating: 81/100




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