Whisky Review: Glenlivet 2007 Signatory 13 for Whisky Live Paris

1 min readMay 30, 2021

So delicious that I bought another from LMDW!

Glenlivet 2007 Signatory 13 for Whisky Live Paris 2020 / 66.0%

Tasted neat, then with bottled water

This Glenlivet was a special first fill sherry hogshead #900194 done up for La Maison Du Whisky (LMDW) and the 2020 Whisky Live Paris show. It was distilled 27/03/2007 and bottled 31/08/2020, but thanks to COVID-19, it didn’t make its way to the shelves until a few weeks back.

I was originally interested in this because of the gorgeous flag-themed label design, and first-fill sherry cask.

  • Color: auburn (1.5)
  • Nose: rich sherry, cloves, leather, cigarette smoke, lemon, and petrichor
  • Taste: pine sap, chestnuts, barbeque pulled pork, honey, and stewed berries
  • Finish: long, sweet sandalwood and creosote; citrus peel

This is beautifully done, light and complex, with well married flavours of wood, sherry and spirit. It’s young and punchy but integrated and delicious. “Some like it hot.”

Rating: 93/100




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