Whisky Review: Highland Park 12 Year Old

Jun 25, 2022


Highland Park 12 Year Old / 40%

Tasted neat

This is the flagship Highland Park 12 OB release in 350ml size, aged for twelve years and claiming to be “a uniquely smooth, balanced single malt, with a RICH FULL FLAVOUR and a gentle smoky finish.”

  • Color: e150a (burnished/1.1)
  • Nose: almost nothing, faint hints of whisky, apples, nail polish, and cardboard
  • Taste: jalapeño hot sauce, some oak, caramel, bacon candy, and butyric acid
  • Finish: short; maple syrup

Having recently tried Watt Whisky’s cask-strength highland park, I cannot enjoy this. Even with ice, it’s just not good; I would honestly prefer a decent blend like JWB with more flavour than HP12.

Rating: 2/10




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