Whisky Review: Highland Park 2000 Thomson Brothers 19 Year

Feb 12, 2021
Given the dancing norseman / viking on the front, albeit how loopy his arms are, this can only be Highland Park

Highland Park 2000 Thomson Brothers 19 Year / 57.1% ABV

Tasted neat; with mineral water

This Highland Park was distilled in 2000 and bottled in 2020 at 19 years old from a refill hogshead. Just 343 bottles, it is a mystery island/orkney single malt — which can only be Highland Park.

  • Color: burnished (1.1)
  • Nose: musty lemons, coastal peat, custard pudding; salt
  • Taste: spicy earl grey tea, white pepper, confectionary lavender; peat
  • Finish: quite long and oily, it lingers zestily with a bit of oak-aged honey

This is a very floral/citrusy Highland Park, and I quite like it. It’s also quite sweet, and young feisty elements emerge from a general feeling of proper aged oak.

Rating: 90/100




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