Whisky Review: Irish 1998 Whisky Gallery 22 Year Rum Cask

1 min readJun 6, 2022


Irish 1998 Whisky Gallery 22 Year Rum Cask / 53.6%

Tasted neat

There are still three in stock of this 22 year old un-named Irish, which was distilled in 1998 and aged in rum cask #100037 for 22 years. Not much else known except that it was bottled exclusively for Whisk-E Japan under the Whisky Gallery imprint, and features what I guess to be an 18th century British watercolour landscape. Acorn says it’s Pastoral Landscape by Francois Boucher, but I’m not sure!

  • Color: chestnut (1.2)
  • Nose: applesauce, sliced pears, some brown sugar, caramel, and tropical fruit
  • Taste: very oaky, vanilla, milk chocolate, minerals, pineapple, cantaloupe, and graham crackers
  • Finish: quite long, sweet, with baked tarte, oak, and cobbler

I have not tried much Irish whisky, let alone single casks, but this is quite a nice surprise. Just 22 years old, and in an unusual cask, it comes out quite matured, rich and oaky, and very fruity. It’s a win in my book!

I suspect this may be Cooley?

Rating: 7/10




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