Whisky Review: Linkwood 2010 The Whisky Trail 10 Year Old

1 min readMar 6, 2022
Some people seem to hate these labels, but I like how un-dull they are. Maybe American older-generation musicians aren’t your thing, but these definitely speak a design language that’s refreshing compared to a lot of the more boring label designs we see coming out. Thumbs up, Elixir!

Linkwood 2010 The Whisky Trail 10 Year / 55.5%

Tasted neat, then with some bottled mineral water

This Elixir Distiller’s Linkwood was distilled on 29.10.2010 and laid to rest in ex-bourbon hogshead #312699 for ten years before being bottled on 11.11.2020. The series features American musicians, in this case John Denver stylized as “Dram Denver”, and the song “Take Me Home, Whisky Roads.” “Don’t say ‘Why Me?’ Say ‘Try Me!’” the label admonishes, underneath a VIVAS LAS LINKWOOD banner.

  • Color: russet (1.3)
  • Nose: shellac, cut grass, vanilla, lemon zest, salt water; honeysuckle and five-spice
  • Taste: white wine, floral, tannic oak, creampuffs; caramel pudding/flan, chili spice, and marzipan
  • Finish: long, oak and burnt sugar; cotton candy

This is a remarkable colour for a 10 year old whisky without some fun refinishing experiments, and it holds up excellently to water. Quality stuff, definitely an excellent young Linkwood.

Look at the colour!

Rating: 6/10




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