Whisky Review: Signatory Cask Strength Clynelish 1995 24 Year

Feb 12, 2021

Can Clynelish do no wrong?

Signatory Cask Strength Clynelish 1995 24 Year / 52.2% ABV

Tasted neat; with mineral water

This Clynelish was loving distilled on 21/11/1995 and bottled 04/06/2020 from Refill Sherry Butt #11234. This is natural colour, and cask strength; bottle #71 of 556 total.

In the past I have disliked some of the Signatory Cask Strength sherried Clynelishes, but it’s all about the particular butt when it comes to the single-cask game, and so this one has turned out to be quite nice!

  • Color: auburn (1.5)
  • Nose: ethanol, sulphur, funky wax, cherries, and campfire smoke
  • Taste: that Clynelish classic waxiness, soft sherry, raisins, and
  • Finish: long and oaky, dry sherry

This has quite the odd nose, but it doesn’t corrupt the flavour profile, which is sweetly delicious and classic Clynelish.

Rating: 89/100




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