Whisky Review: Talisker 2010 Elixir Distillers 10 Year Old

1 min readOct 10, 2021

Talisker 10 year old was the single malt that got me into whisky, so what can a single-cask, cask-strength, ex-sherry do?

Talisker 2010 Elixir Distillers 10 Year Old / 57.6% ABV

Tasted neat and with a bit of bottled water

This is a single cask Talisker, from Sherry Butt HL17807, a ten-year old Talisker at cask strength and natural colour. This is every whisky-fans love, a unique release under “The First Editions” label. The liner notes read:

A nose of smoke, fresh herbs, and salted caramel
The palate has notes of peat, boiled sweets, and mint.
The finish is long, with lingering smoke.

This is one of 350 bottles.

  • Color: tawny (1.4)
  • Nose: peat bonfire, kelp, salt, roast pork, barbecue sauce; sea breeze, chlorine and ash
  • Taste: semi-sweet custard, iodine and peat, butter; florage, black pepper
  • Finish: long, earthy oak notes and campfire smoke; persimmon

This is a fantastic young Talisker, well integrated with the sherry cask, it’s fiery and complex, sweet and sour.

Rating: 90/100




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