Whisky Review: Thompson Brothers Blended Malt SRV5 Batch 1

2 min readFeb 11, 2023


An impressively punchy & fruity spirit at a very low price.

Thompson Brothers Blended Malt SRV5 Batch 1 / 48.5%

Tasted neat

Thompson Brothers Blended Malt SRV5 Batch 1 is a blended malt made by vatting together 8 year old whiskies in a large, charred oak vat, allowing them to marry, diluting this to 48.5%, and then bottling 2/3 of it from the solera, the rest of which proceeds on to the next batch. It is non-chill filtered.

The label artwork is from Yu Kurahashi of Bar Tre, Hiroshima Japan, and the name of this blend comes from Station Road 5 where the vatting solera is located.

  • Color: deep gold (0.8)
  • Nose: bananas, lime, tropical fruits, dunnage warehouse, and pudding
  • Taste: light; lemon-lime, guava, white chocolate, bananas, and butter
  • Finish: medium, a little frosting sugar, meringue pie

This was a surprisingly fruity, tasty drinker of a blend. It’s got whisky chops (solera, NCF, age statement, slightly beefed up ABV) that appeal to single malt specification fans. And the price, chef’s kiss. This has to absolutely dominate the landscape of £30/bottle whisky.

You can buy this today starting at about £30 GBP (ex-VAT) from the Thompson Brother’s webstore or at whisky specialists near you.

Rating: 6/10




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