Whisky Reviews: Nantou Omar Plum Liqueur Finish, Black Queen Finish, and Sherry Cask Strength

Nantou Omar 2020 Plum Liqueur Barrel Finish / 52% ABV

Tasted neat

I really enjoy the chinese ink/landscape art, here hopefully of a plum tree
  • Nose: Japanese umeshu, unripe/green plums, apricot, varnish, corn potage and molasses
  • Taste: fruit tarts drizzled with honey, roasted plums, some vanilla, a little oak; crisp apple, and a tart undertaste
  • Finish: medium; quite sweet, the fruit give way to a sugar glaze and Christmas spice

Nantou Omar 2020 Black Queen Wine Barrel Finish / 52% ABV

Tasted neat

“Delicious” said the birds to the grapes
  • Nose: chalk, tannins, lemon, sandalwood; amaretto and brown sugar
  • Taste: chewy fruits, stewed berries, black pepper, and smoked cheese platter
  • Finish: long and semi-dry; full-bodied red wine, and soft grapes

Nantou Omar 2015 Sherry Cask / 57.1% ABV

Tasted neat, then with some bottled water

  • Nose: PX sherry, brown sugar, cigar smoke, some hot liquor; toasted oak
  • Taste: spicy wood, leather, some vanilla, oak, and crème brûlée; black licorice and rum
  • Finish: quite long, sweet, and big on vanilla



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Personal interests in literature, SF, and whisky/whiskey/scotch, Software Engineer by Trade