Whisky Scoring Bands / Distribution

Much like Malt Review, I feel that the current hundred point system is both capricious and arbitrary, and too much time is spend around the 80/100 level and not enough range is given to the full possibility of expression.

Current Distribution of Scores

So, future reviews will be marked up on a 10-point scale without wiggle room of a 7+ or an 8-, and the midpoint — previously which seems to hover around 80/100 and crowds the upper range — will be a 5.

Price, if excessively abnormal, will also be a factor in nudging scores higher (cheap and delicious) or lower (expensive and disappointing) to better reflect the subjective experience. When price is taken into consideration, I will explicitly make note of it.

Future Idealized distribution of scores

Without further ado, here is a rough guide to the scoring levels I will use in my reviews going forward:

  • 0 — Drainpour / Fake Johnny Walker Red



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